Daring to Dream

At spherene, we're more than just a software company - we're pioneers in transforming the way we think about additive manufacturing. Through our cutting-edge technology and innovative approach, we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of 3D printing.

Our mission is to make the benefits of spherenes accessible to everyone, from small businesses to large industrial manufacturers. We're passionate about innovation and sustainability, empowering our customers to create complex, high-quality designs with minimal material waste.

Join us on our journey to transform the future of manufacturing with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to excellence.

spherene AG
Seehofstrasse 16
CH-8008 Zurich


From Tinkering to Autonomous Design

Our journey began in 2018, when we were tinkering with a paper model and stumbled upon an idea that would eventually become a metamaterial we call spherene, based on our ADMS technology. By connecting simple two-dimensional shapes together, we created a stable and flexible three-dimensional object with outstanding features. This sparked our curiosity, and we began exploring the possibilities of this new kind of minimal surface that was ideally curved.

Inspired by the potential of this structure in engineering, we developed an algorithm based on the minimal surface, allowing  spherenes to create shapes with optimal geometry every time. With autonomous design, we're taking human creation to new heights.

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to focus on locally manufacturing necessary items, spherenes are the perfect tool for achieving this goal. Our findings have already been incorporated into pioneering projects in medicine, space travel, and aviation, and we continue to explore new fields and dare to dream even bigger.



Our team of experienced professionals brings together expertise in engineering, design, and software development to create a powerful solution that enables more design freedom, cost savings, and higher efficiency in 3D printing.


CEO, Founder, President of the Board


Software Design, Creative Technologist


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Software Development


Prof. Dr. G. Dissertori

Dean ETHZ, Advisor

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