Daring to Dream

Our journey commenced in 2018 from humble beginnings, tinkering with a paper model, when serendipity led us to an idea. This idea evolved into what is now known as spherene, a groundbreaking and patented metamaterial. It embodies a new class of minimal surface, the Adaptive Density Minimal Surface (ADMS), marking a pivotal innovation in our field.

By connecting simple two-dimensional shapes together, we created a stable and flexible three-dimensional object with outstanding features. This sparked our curiosity, and we began exploring the possibilities of this new kind of minimal surface that was ideally curved.

Inspired by the potential of this structure in engineering, we developed an algorithm based on the minimal surface, allowing  spherenes to create shapes with optimal geometry every time. With autonomous design, we're taking human creation to new heights.

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to focus on local manufacturing for essential items, spherene is the perfect solution for achieving this goal. spherene has been integrated into pioneering projects across medicine, space exploration, and aviation. We continue to push the boundaries, explore new domains, and dare to dream even bigger.


Driven By Passion

Our team doesn't just create our products; we live them. We're not only the makers but the first users, ensuring that every experience you have with our innovations is unparalleled. Join us in meeting the dedicated individuals behind the scenes, committed to bringing you the best possible experience.


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