Adaptive Density

Our algorithm calculates structures that adapt to stresses like bones do, using minimal resources while providing maximal strength.

Additive Manufacturing Excellence for your Designs

Our technology is based on Adaptive Density Minimal Surfaces (ADMS). These new kinds of minimal surfaces are ideally curved and fully adaptable.They represent an optimal geometry, which becomes accessible through spherene’s software. We developed an algorithm using mechanisms inspired by biological evolution to calculate the most efficient structures in a predefined spatial area.

Reliable, repeatable and verifiable results.

ADMS allows full control over complex structures. After providing boundary conditions through your designs, the software autonomously designs the ADMS structure. The results are stable, require less material and save energy during production.


— Most efficient structure: light, strong, adaptable
— Ideal use of material
— Free print orientation without supports

Technical characteristics of ADMS

From a geometric point of view, spheres show no spikes in the distribution of the orientation of their surface, meaning they perform equally well in all directions. ADMS’ geometry is closely related to that ideal performance.


ADMS share the geometric characteristics of a sphere

The Future of Additive Manufacturing: Autonomous Design.

Brought to you by spherene.

spherene’s ADMS technology belongs to the field of Autonomous Design. Characterized by precise outcomes, designs with technical excellence and fast processing, the results are unparalleled.

We have tailored our software solutions specifically to the field of additive manufacturing, to enable the industry to transition into this field.
For a long while, technical difficulties, cost and time constraints were major obstacles, but with the rise of 3D printing, a new era in industrial manufacturing has begun – and spherene has the technology for it.

Benefits for your workflow

— Resource-saving production
— Streamlined design process
— Unparalleled precision
— Full range from professional engineering to industrial production

Learn more about ADMS in our factsheets from realized projects

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