Adaptive Density

Nature-inspired design for maximum strength and minimal resources. Experience the efficiency and sustainability of spherene.

Additive Manufacturing Excellence for your Designs

At the heart of spherene's technology are Adaptive Density Minimal Surfaces (ADMS), a breakthrough in minimal surface design.  Spherene is a highly adaptable and optimally curved geometry that represents a new frontier in 3D printing.

Unlock the full potential of the spherene metamaterial, inspired by biological evolution to calculate the most efficient structures for your specific spatial requirements. 

With our cutting-edge software, you can design complex structures with ease, providing boundary conditions to guide the spherenes. The result? Reliable, repeatable, and verifiable results, with stable structures that require minimal material and energy during production.

Revolutionize your manufacturing process today.


— Achieve unparalleled efficiency using spherene. The structure is both lightweight and strong, while also being highly adaptable to meet your specific requirements.

— Make the most of the spherene metamaterial. Spherene is designed for optimal use of material, minimizing waste and maximizing sustainability.

— Enjoy unparalleled freedom in your printing process with spherene. Spherene is designed to be printed without the need for additional supports or constraints, allowing for total print orientation freedom.

Characteristics of spherene


In geometric terms, spherene is the inversion of a sphere, meaning that the distribution of the cumulated orientation of the surface closely matches the one seen on a sphere.

In contrast, this distribution is highly biased in all known triply periodic minimal surfaces such as Gyroid or D-Surface.


Dotted: Sphere              Blue: ADMS           Other curves: Various TPMS

Design Meets Efficiency:

spherene Metamaterial

At spherene, we believe in sustainable manufacturing practices, which is why we developed spherenes, the ADMS technology with resource-saving production in mind. Our algorithm creates optimized structures that use materials efficiently, reducing waste and saving on costs. Moreover, spherene is not only lighter and more robust than traditional designs, but it also allows for easier recycling.

With fast processing times, our software solutions are tailored promoting sustainable production methods. Spherene is a powerful metamaterial for those who seek to reduce their environmental footprint while still achieving technical excellence and unparalleled precision in their designs.

Benefits for your workflow

— Resource-saving production
— Streamlined design process
— Unparalleled precision
— Full range from professional engineering to industrial production

Fact Sheets on spherene: Proving its Strength and Versatility

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