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Seamlessly integrate Autonomous Design into your additive manufacturing workflow. spherene’s Autonomous Design Tools support your transition into additive manufacturing. Design your components, focusing on function – our tools take care of the best possible performance.


Alpha version reveal at Formnext 2022, 15.11.2022

Accessible 3D printing engineering. Based on our ADMS algorithm, sphereneMAKE supports your 3D model from the inside using minimal material while still maintaining enough strength.

The novel approach in 3D printing offers a solution for makers and 3D printing enthusiasts that tackles one of the main problems in FDM and SLA 3D printing, the connection of overhanging surfaces.


Prototype reveal at Formnext 2022, 15.11.2022

Full design control with ADMS technology. The software for professional design purposes allows a seamless integration of our engineering technology into your existing workflow.


Expected release Q4 2023

All the features of sphereneDESIGN plus the functionality to import/edit/export of simulation field data back and forth of CAD software packages.


Access all features of spherene's Autonomous Design Tools, ready to integrate in your application.


Custom applications with integrated spherene Autonomous Design Tools.

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