How it works

Autonomous Design

We use the power of our patented algorithm to autonomously generate the most efficient structure according to your requirements . Your benefits in Additive Manufacturing:


save up to 20% of cost

Simple powder removal

continuously void inside space

Easy Cleaning

full accessability

Minimized material use

up to 20% weight reduction

Free print orientation

save print and build time

vary inner behaviour

create designs with Adaptive Density


by "inner topology optimization"


highest performance geometry

Why our structures are so stable

We call our structures ADMS, short for «Adaptive Density Minimal Surfaces». Just like other, well-known minimal surfaces like the Gyroid, ADMS are doubly curved at each point such that the mean curvature is zero at every point.

ADMS are at the same time controlled, regular, aperiodic and random, which makes for structures that are generally isotropic.

Unlike other structures, both spheres and ADMS show no spikes in the distribution of the orientation of their surface, which means they perform equally well in all directions. Our geometry is closely related to that of the sphere — (this is why our company is called spherene!)

Why our structures can be optimized for simultaneous requirements

Unlike other minimal surfaces, our ADMS are freely configurable thanks to their inherent properties:

  • structural density and wall thickness are locally adjustable, driven by our proprietary algorithm
  • geometry generation guided by internal multi-physics simulation (FEniCS)

How we enable support free printing

Zero mean curvature means that every point in the print is supported by a doubly curved surrounding. You can print our ADMS structure support free with any printer on any print method!

Why it is easy to evacuate powder, slurry or liquids

Our structures consist always of two interwoven,
yet separate spaces:

  • full access open structure, or shell with evacuation holes
  • continuous curvature, no nooks and crannies
  • special micro-surface characteristics provide turbulence that increase cleaning efficiency
  • "...clearly addressing one of the cross-cutting themes of the ESA technology strategy, but in a novel way."

    Moritz Fontaine
  • "The spherene technology introduces a completely new way of thinking about how components can be designed and laid out, which has been lacking until now."

    Matthias Blaser
  • "It’s ideal - it's the inverted sphere geometry!"

    Prof. Michael De Wild