sphereneRHINO Public Beta Documentation

Release Notes: Release Notes

Last document revision: 11.10.2023



sphereneRHINO lets you create Spherenes. They are based on ADMS, Adaptive Density Minimal Surface geometry, a novel class of minimal surfaces.

Among the many features of Spherenes are:

  • Can be locally adjusted to varying density and thickness, while retaining all properties of a minimal surface (zero mean curvature)
  • Adapt to surrounding geometry
  • Contain two independent chambers (labyrinths) with no enclosed spaces, nooks and crannies
  • Applicable in all 3D printing methods
  • Easy powder/resin evacuation
  • Support-free 3D printing
  • High stiffness with little material use
  • Reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint

Video Tutorial Series for Public Beta

Check out the new tutorial series playlist on our Youtube channel. We are adding new videos regulary:

In Depth Overview Video

Please make sure you watch this video first. It was recorded during the alpha testing but still contains relevant information about the technology.

  • all information about sphereneRHINO
  • a live demo
  • the technology behind
  • how we handle support

Discord: Our Community for Support, News and Showcasing

We are using Discord as centralized place where we provide the following:

  • Announcements/News
  • Support
  • Bug reports
  • Feature requests
  • Showcases (Share your work & tips)

Please use this invite to get access to the spherene Discord Channel


System Requirements

  • Windows 10+
  • Mac OSX
  • Rhino V7
    • Rhino V8 works but can break if there are new updates of the Rhino version. You need to create your own toolbar for now.
  • Internet connection

Installation for Alpha Testers: Migrating from Alpha to Public Beta

sphereneRHINO Public Beta is distributed through Rhino's package manager. If you participated in Alpha testing, please do not install the Public Beta before you have deleted the alpha version

As the plugin and the toolbar need to be manually deleted and is located in different locations, depending on how you have installed it, it needs maybe some work. This is the guide through the process of removing the Alpha plugin and toolbar.

If you have problems, please use the Help Thread on Discord.

Removing sphereneRHINO ALPHA

Removing the Plugin

First we need to locate the old plugin and delete it:


  • Enter "Plugin manager" in Rhino's command line
  • Locate the plugin and delete it
  • Restart Rhino

Now when you enter "sph" in the command line, there you should not see any spherene plugin commands anymore.

Removing the Toolbar

Next, let's deal with the Toolbar: