Benefits of our solution

Save 40% of your production cost by using our Autonomous Design solution

Our patented technology enables the rapid development of super-efficient designs. We redesign your most complex AM component and reduce your manufacturing cost up to 40 %.

Free print orientation

save print and build time

Simple powder removal

continuously void inside space

Minimized material use

up to 20% weight reduction

Reduced print time

reduce up to 20%

Save weight

up to 20% mass reduction


save up to 20% of cost

Easy Cleaning

full accessability

Our Why

We love to make the impossible possible

Change and transformation of old thinking is slow. Many assume things are impossible because the books say so. We are curious and stubborn. By questioning the existing, we discover new paths to make life better using technology.

Benefits of our solution

Innovate with maximum design freedom

Boost your innovation by using the complete design freedom our technology provides

true mass customization

instant Autonomous Design

embed any requirement

our adaptive density forms itself to anything


by "inner topology optimization"

vary inner behaviour

create designs with Adaptive Density

Inner coatings made easy

continuous void inside structure


save up to 20% of cost


highest performance geometry

"The spherene technology introduces a completely new way of thinking about how components can be designed and laid out, which has been lacking until now."

Matthias Blaser Zühlke Engineering, Zürich

"...clearly addressing one of the cross-cutting themes of the ESA technology strategy, but in a novel way."

Moritz Fontaine European Space Agency

"The geometries developed by Spherene can impressively realize [...] added value for additively manufactured products."

Prof. Robert Frigg 41medical Switzerland

"It’s ideal - it's the inverted sphere geometry!"

Prof. Michael De Wild FHNW Muttenz
We love

Organisations that work with us

Challenge us!

If you’d like to discover the power of our technology to challenge the your limitations in traditional production or optimize your current 3D printed component, we’d love to hear from you.