Autonomous Design Technology

Next level additive manufacturing with spherene's ADMS* algorithm. Calculate the most efficient geometry for any structure – resilient, scalable and resource-efficient.

*developed in-house, based on a new type of minimal surface



Based on a new kind of minimal surface we developed a cutting-edge algorithm.


Enabling a seamless integration of ADMS technology into your existing workflow.


Experienced in a wide range of technical projects, from aerospace to medical and industrial, we take care of your projects.

Printing Models

The best way to experience how our ADMS structures work is to see the printed results. That's why we have created a trial package with models (The cross section of a bunny) generated by sphereneMAKE – our newly launched web service that makes our ADMS technology accessible for public use.

— Two models showcasing our ADMS technology
— One model showcasing our sphereneMAKE service
— Suitable for any 3D printing method (FDM/SLA/SLS/SLM) 
— Supported materials: filament, resin, metal, ceramics
— No need for an additional support structure


It's all about people

"The spherene technology introduces a completely new way of thinking about how components can be designed and laid out, which has been lacking until now."

Matthias Blaser, Zühlke Engineering

"...clearly addressing one of the cross-cutting themes of the ESA technology strategy, but in a novel way."

Moritz Fontaine, European Space Agency

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