MAY 07-08     CDFAM Berlin 2024
MAY 14-17       OT-WORLD Leipzig
JUN 12             Grasshopper UK User Group Meeting

JUL 1st              spherene™ commercial release
SEPT 16             AM-Expertentalk Ecoparts, Hinwil
NOV 19-22      Formnext Frankfurt 2024
DEC 2-3           Footprint 3D 2024 Barcelona

Steel Parts as Light as Aluminium?

spherene™metamaterial is revolutionizing design and manufacturing. It mimics bulk material properties, drastically cutting design time.

Create spherene metamaterial through our API or  integrate it seamlessly into your existing CAD workflow.


FEMUR DEMONSTRATOR. Printed on Rapidia Conflux 1 using 316L stainless steel paste. Photos and 3D print: Rapidia

Super Geometry

Industry's only isotropic minimal surface, versatile and inherently resilient. spherene's Adaptive Density Minimal Surfaces (ADMS) are printable on any 3D printer in any material. 


Spherene™: Design for Manufacturing Redefined


  • Industry’s only surface conformal minimal surface
  • Optimal stress distribution due to true isotropy
  • Adapts to any shape
  • Behaves like bulk material


  • Minimized need of build supports
  • Improved thermal dissipation
  • Saves costs & time
  • For all materials & printing methods


  • Fast & user-friendly design tools
  • Adjust density, thickness, bias
  • Customize with cavities & closures
  • Autonomous shape generation

Design Intent First:
Best in Class Intuitive Workflow, Integrated in Rhino3D

Achieve your design goals with easy-to-use field controls and modifiers; combine at your heart's wish. spherene's design tools are streamlined for design intent, allowing fast iteration cycles and drastically reducing engineering time.

Don't waste your time creating formulas, Gyroids and Boolean operations; spherene does everything for you, autonomously. Well, almost everything. You still have to know what you want.

Simplified Complexity:
spherene Parameter Driven Design Tools


What Our Early Adopters Have to Say About Their Experience

«Minimal Surfaces are great, but when you are able to adapt density and thickness in design, it turns out an amazing lattice tool for footwear creation.»
René Medel, framas Kunststofftechnik GmbH


«...clearly addressing one of the cross-cutting themes of the ESA technology strategy, but in a novel way.»
Moritz Fontaine, European Space Agency ESA

«This is fun, I was getting tired of making my own gyroids by hand every time.»
Beta Tester @isowix on Discord

«Having explored a few Rhino/ Grasshopper plugins for minimal surface generation, spherene distinctly stands out. It has a straightforward interface, paired with spherene's concise tutorials and cloud integration, ensuring rapid iterations of our design studies.»

«Right after I have started to use Gyroids for printing ski boot liners or Schwarz TPMS to work on revolutionary midsole designs
we dreamed of a bubble type of infill structure with variable density and wall thickness fitting into any shape. Now, spherene just does that!

Easy to use in the design process. Just design any volume and spherene fills it with printable "bubbles" - easy to vary density and strength as you wish. No booleans needed!

Made for 3D printing. Great in after 3D print treatment!

Using that unique Swiss software you‘ll get the max out of your 3D printer!»

Reto Rindlisbacher, 3DFIT

Expert Services for Every Challenge

spherene Ltd. offers various services, ensuring you leverage spherene's full potential.  We have you covered, from initial integration to customized enhancements and comprehensive training. 

Workflow Integration 
We help you seamlessly blending spherene in your CAD workflow.

Customized Solutions
Feature developments to meet your specific project requirements.

On-Site Solutions
Designed for your utmost confidentiality and efficiency needs.

Onsite and remote training sessions.

Supportive Partnership
Continuous, dedicated support ensuring a smooth, collaborative journey from start to finish. 

Contact us today to explore how our expert services can elevate your projects and streamline your workflow. We're here to support your next leap in innovation.

CDFAM Berlin 2024: Spherenes

Spherenes - Christian Waldvogel - CDFAM Berlin 2024

Food4Rhino Webinar: spherene metamaterial

For an interesting insight, watch the McNeel Europe & Food4Rhino Webinar: "Spherene Metamaterial" of April 26th 2024

Replay Webinar: Spherene for Footwear

Replay the Footwearology webinar: "minimal material, optimal performance" 


© framas Shoelast exploration
Left to right: Spherene as infill, partially closed, thickened up and as lattice.


© framas Insole exploration


© Slicelab 3D Printed Table Lamp, not a rendering :)


© Rapidia Femur, printed on Rapidia Conflux 1, 316L stainless steel paste

3D scanned bike saddle converted to a SUBD mesh as design base for creating boundary geometry to grow on to. Application of density points to control the ADMS density.

Controling variable wall thickness by simply placing points in your 3D scene.

Use standard Rhino tools creating complicated density, thickness and surface bias fields. In this example artistically recreate a femur.

Cavity field points allow for very easy and fun placement of cavities in and on your geometry. Control the radius and combine multiple field points for more complex outcomes.

Apply simple points and geometry to control complex Spherene behaviour. In this example we make use of grasshopper for Rhino3D to generate a density field from a baropodometry image, downloaded from wikipedia.

Use field points to control thickness asymmetry and surface bias. Thickness asymmetry allows shifting the solid surface towards a volume. Surface bias allows shifting the single surface (Ideal minimal surface) towards a volume.

Demonstration on how to achieve similar results of an engineered, simulated and additively manufactured aluminium satellite bracket.

Using modifier geometry for precise control of the visible open structure.

Printable Samples

Print spherene samples suitable for all 3D printing techniques (FDM/SLA/SLS/SLM), compatible with a variety of materials such as filament, resin, metal, and ceramics.

Eliminate the need for extra support structures. Experience the advantages of spherene firsthand.